Described as “The Avengers of Dear Stage”, the current lineup features members from groups ranging from Niji no Conquistador to the recently disbanded ENGAG.ING and the hyper trendy meme tokyo.

Two things come to mind when one tries to put into words the key identity aspects of high-energy music, and the candid way in which they present their personal struggles to the fans they want to connect with. Their first single after a radical lineup change, Princess Dempa Power, Shine On! / Senshuu Banzai! …

I recently had the chance to have an in-depth conversation about and their trajectory along the past decade with my friend Ryo Miyauchi, whose music writing I strongly encourage everyone to read! You can read the entire thing here!

Ryo writes about Japanese music for their newsletter, This Side of Japan and they also occasionally blurb at The Singles Jukebox. Follow them on Twitter for more writing on music and exhaustive playlists.

A slightly late post, here’s my favorite ten albums of the year!

BBHF — Mirror Mirror/Family

Another December, another occasion for people to post their favorite albums of the year! In order to make this less of a heavy read, I have decided to split my list into two halves. Without further ado, let’s get into it.


With another month gone, it’s time to review some of my favorite releases of the month.

Caroline Polachek — Pang (2019)

Caroline Polachek’s first solo album under her full name embodies a sense culmination for the singer’s artistic growth, with it coming out after the disbandment of Chairlift and a slew of releases under pseudonyms like Ramona Lisa and CEP. Encapsulated within new-age, borderline ambient arrangements, Pang is sequenced in a way that feels almost symphonic, with Polachek’s voice being the main instrument driving the function; ranging from her operatic delivery of main verses to the way her stylized —…

If someone were to ask me what I think about Lucky Kilimanjaro, my first answer would probably be they’re a really fun band and I mean this in the best possible way. Their discography showing nothing but a commitment towards creating feel-good music, this latest batch of releases serves as proof to that claim, with the group exploring different emotion-driven sounds in ways that never stray away from their now trademark lively, electro sound.

First in this 4-for-1 deal is Kaze ni Naru, a fresh, rhythmic song built on synthesized strings with a super catchy main melody and lyrics…

August is over, and even though my country doesn’t have a summer in the strict sense of the word, I decided to go full-seasonal theme for this batch of quick reviews! — Bon De Festa (2019)’s latest summer anthem picks up right where last year’s Precious Summer left, with frenetic keys, tropical speed drums, and their trademark fun vocals riling up listeners to have fun in a summer experience where they might find love (a remarkable first time for a group that have described themselves as “idols who don’t say I love you”). As a follow-up to their…

There’s something inherently nostalgic about summer as a season, but there’s also something bright and lively about it, and it’s not just the heat. In the case of the Boku no Natsuyasumi franchise — which at this point I can only describe as a heartfelt celebration of summer, of treasured memories, and of taking those treasured summer memories well into adulthood — all this is combined into a charming interactive experience.

Boku no Natsuyasumi, Millennium Kitchen (2000). It’s turned into dusk too many times, and it is now time for Boku to go back home.

Through its four entries, the series puts players in control of Boku and gives them the task of making his summer with relatives both memorable and fun. Despite their…

The Boku no Natsuyasumi series is built around the premise of making players manage their time so that ensure their summer experience is an unforgettable one, with a good degree of that coming from interacting with the different casts introduced in each game, with many of these characters both acting as guides for each protagonist -and for the player-, and providing some of the most heartwarming storylines through all of the series.

The “real-time” mechanic upon which the franchise is built upon also represents a slight challenge by denying players the option to interact with every single character every single…

Summer songs are a pretty big deal in the Japanese music scene, with groups often releasing singles (and sometimes, in cases such as this, entire EPs) that tie both with the season and with the myriad of festivals that come with it each year. In this regard, things are not particularly different for not-band-neither-idol-group ONIGAWARA, whose latest release has them playing it by-the-book by putting out a summer-themed minialbum.

From its cover art to its six warm-sounding tracks, it is evident Seaside Mirage is a celebration of summertime. Taking a more band-oriented approach to this release, the EP opens with…

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